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the_other_images at Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade, december 14, 2018
the_other_images will be screened in the main-competition prgram 3 of the festival. The theme of Alternative Film/Video 2018 is "COLLECTIVism". Over 70 alternative, innovative, experimental, avant-garde, personal and political film-/videoworks from more than 30 countries will be screened. The festival consists of two multimedia exhibitions and a cinematic VR workshop as well. The Alternative Film/Video Research Forum and the two open panel discussions are traditionally places where film artists, theorists, historians, archivists and curators discuss and debate important topics. This year’s subjects include film collectives, cinema clubs, collective authorship and collectivism as an artistic theme.
On december, 14, 2018, 19h / Competition Program 3 / City Cultural Center, Novi Beograd, Serbia / anschließend Q&A
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„Kopfzecke“ at MUSA, Vienna, december 12, 2018
In celebration of the Award promoting literature by the City of Vienna 2018, Iris Blauensteiner will read from her novel „Kopfzecke“ (Kremayr & Scheriau, 2016). Christoph Ransmayr, who won the Award honoring literarure will read from „Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes“. Introduction and moderation: Julia Danielczyk, Departement of literature, MA7
On december 12, 2018, 6.30pm / MUSA Museum, Felderstraße 6-8, 1010 Vienna / Registration required
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the_other_images & Milk at Cinema Next, Vienna, december 11, 2018
The Cinema Next Special „My other images“ shows three filmmakers rummaging in their personal archives: In "Wellenbande" Stefanie Weberhofer brings out Super8 material that slumbered in the family's attic, allowing it to meet newly shot material, thus creating a family reunification in film form. Josephine Ahnelt processes her year in enigmatic pictures in Japan and creates a new intimate diary with "Winter Bienen". Iris Blauensteiner opens an old hard disk of a film project, which she realized 10 years ago, and turns the barely readable files there into another, new film: "the_other_images". Afterwards, the "original film" to which her film refers is shown: "Milk".
On december 11, 2018, 9p.m., Top Kino, Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna / Free entrance / Q&A afterwards
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the_other_images at Furora Film Festival Berlin, december 8, 2018
Furora Film Festival will be held from december 7-8, 2018 in Berlin. Besides film screenings, there will be panels and network-meetings for female filmmakers. the_other_images will be screened in shortfilmprogram 2 „(Re)move to remodel“.
On december 8, 2018, 10p.m. / City Cinema Wedding, Müllerstraße 74, 13349 Berlin / Q&A afterwards

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„Stierbauch“ (shortstory) in the literature magazine Lichtungen, 156/2018
The Shortstory is published in the current issue of the literature magazine "Lichtungen" (with topic focus on: Congolese poetry in French language).
Since december 2018 /  issue number 156/2018 / Order at Lichtungen Website
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Presentation „ArtStart-Scholarship“ at Vienna Art Week, november 24, 2018
The scholarship holders of the sponsorship scheme for emerging artists by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna introduce themselves and present their work: Iris Blauensteiner, Michael Simku, Lukas Hochrieder, Andrej Polukord, Veronika Eberhart, Nora Jacobs, Terese Kasalicky, Steffi Parlow, and Daniela Zeilinger. 
On november 24, 2018, 4–7pm / Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Mehrzwecksaal, Lehargasse 8, 1060  Vienna
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Author-Reading at Babelsprech International - „Eurovision Poetry“, Vienna, november 23, 2018
Almost seventy young poets will read on november 23, 2018, 7.30p.m. in eleven different cities in Europe: Vaduz, London, Rotterdam, Frankfurt on the Main, Cologne, Zurich, Luzern, Salzburg, Vienna, Ljubljana and Czernowitz. The readings are part of the last conference by „Babelsprech International“, which will take place from november 21-24, 2018 in Vaduz. Under the motto „Eurovision Poetry“, the conference deals with poetry as an artistic language for a new generation of Europeans. Poets reading in Vienna: Iris Blauensteiner, Sirka Elspaß, Christiane Heidrich, Sina Klein, Oravin, Uroš Prah, Elif San. Moderation: Frieda Paris und Sandro Huber.
On november, 23 2018, 7.30p.m. / Perinetkeller, Perinetgasse 1, 1200 Vienna
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„the_other_images“ at „White Light II“, Vienna Art Week, november 23, 2018
As a part of Vienna Art Week's program, the Golden Pixel Cooperative presents the multiple aspects of her member’s works. The visual associative film program shows moving images as possibilities of artistic empowerment.
With films by: Iris Blauensteiner, Nathalie Koger, Luiza Margan, Lydia Nsiah, Simona Obholzer, Barbara Palomino, Christiana Perschon, Marlies Pöschl, Viktoria Schmid, Miae Son, Bernhard Staudinger, Katharina Swoboda und Lisa Truttmann.
On November 23, 2018,  6.30p.m. / Medienwerkstatt, Neubaugasse 40a, 1070 Vienna / Free entrance
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Award at the script-competition „If she can see it, she can be it“ 2018
On november 12, 2018, the award ceremony of the first of two script-competition levels for „If she can see it, she can be it - Female characters besides the cliche“ took place at Filmcasino-Cinema in Vienna. Drehbuchforum Vienna, the Austrian Film Institute/gender*in*equality, FC Gloria and the jury named the awarded authors: Iris Blauensteiner with „Gelbe Blätter“, Johannes Bültermann with „Die Abwesenden und die Übriggebliebenen“, Magdalena Chmielewska and Andreas Schiessler with „Olka“, Mario Karner with „Andrea, the Giant“, Antoinette Zwirchmayr with „Ich bin mein Versteck“.
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„Kopfzecke“ at Wald.Lesungs.Viertel, Zwettl, september 15, 2018
Walking through the forest of Waldviertel with the literature festival Wald.Lesungs.Viertel, you can listen to the author-readings by Iris Blauensteiner and Alois Hotschnig, as well as music by Thrice the Rice. Foods and drinks will be served.
On september, 15, 2018, 1pm / Starting point: Parkplatz Fischerei - Stift Zwettl

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„the_other_images“ at frame(o)ut - digital film festival, MQ Vienna, august 18, 2018
frame(o)ut, the summer open air cinema at Museumsquartier invites you to celebrate cinema and digital culture with a mixed program consisting of documentary-, fiction-, animation-, art- and short movies.
„the_other_images“ und „The Cleaners“ are shown in this evening-program.
Museumsquartier Court 8, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna / august 18, 2018, 21h / free entrance / under bad weather conditions the screening will be inside at MQ ARENA21
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Award promoting literature by the City of Vienna 2018
Each year, the city of Vienna valuates the work of artists in the fields of architecture, fine arts, literature, music and science. 2018 the Awards promoting literature by the City of Vienna 2018 go to Iris Blauensteiner and Mascha Dabić.

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 "Rest" at dotdotdot - Open Air Shortfilmfestival Vienna, july 19, 2018
With the motto "We're in this together now“, the festival passionated for unconventional sceeningformats invites you this year to project the utopia for a global humanism. „Rest“ will be screened in the program „Go forward, never look back“.
At Volkskundemuseum Vienna, Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Vienna / july 19, 2018, 8.30p.m / Q&A afterwards / free entrance / under bad weather conditions the screening will be inside

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„Rest“ on DVD can be rented at Filmgalerie 8 1/2 in Vienna
„Rest“ is the summer-tip at Filmgallery 8 1/2, where you can rent the DVD!
„Rest allows an intimate and openminded glimpse into the lives of people - either on their own, in twos or as parts of small groups - together with the others or with themselves. The movie shows this important message of solidarity by lively, close and human relationships with the protagonists.“ (Alexander Lustig)
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 „the_other_images“ at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna, june 21 and 24, 2018
The Golden Pixel Cooperative shows the shortfilm-program "White light" in the frame of the cinema release of Lisa Truttmans „Tarpaulins“ at Metro Kinokulturhaus. From june 6 to july 8, 2018, the shortfilms are screened before „Tarpaulins“. Each one of the 12 screenings will be presented by a member of the Golden Pixelcooperative personally.
„distortion" (Lydia Nsiah) & „the_other_images“ (Iris Blauensteiner) are screened before „Tarpaulins“ on june 21, 2018, 8.30pm and on june 24, 2018, 8pm 20 / at Metro Kinokulturhaus Vienna, Johannesgasse 4, 1010 Vienna
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"the_other_images" at the Norwegian Short Film Festival - Kortfilmfestivalen Grimstad, june 13-17, 2018
THE_OTHER_IMAGES is part of the competition program „Best Short Documentary“ and will be screend at the festival in cinema twice!
On june 14, 2018, 12pm (Cinema Catilina, Grimstad) and on june 16, 2018, 4.15 pm (Cinema Vesle Hallvard, Grimstad) / „Meet the filmmakers“ after the screening on june 14
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"Rest" at SOHO in Ottakring Festival Vienna, june 2-16, 2018
REST is shown in the cinema-projection-space of the exhibition „The law of common good – Democracy between utopia and discomfort“ at SOHO in Ottakring Festival!
Altes Museum, Gomperzgasse 1-3, 1160 Vienna / daily from june 2-16, 2018 / Opening on june 2, 7p.m
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"Rest" in the program „Oktoskop“ on OktoTV, april 22 and 29, 2018
The program shows Austrian movies and interviews with the filmmakers.
On april 22, 2018, 8.10pm and april, 29, 2018 um 9.30pm in OktoTV / Go to Lifestream / Watch the interview with Iris Blauensteiner online at Oktothek.


"In der Stille ist Ping Pong ein lautes Spiel" at kolik.autoren.lounge, Vienna, march 20, 2018
I will read from my work-in-progress intermedia-novel IN DER STILLE IST PING PONG EIN LAUTES SPIEL at "kolik.autoren.lounge“. Elias Hirschl and Antonio Fian will present their works on this evening as well.
On march 20, 2018, 8pm / at Schauspielhaus-Nachbarhaus, Porzellangasse, 1090 Vienna
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"the_other_images" at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film, Graz, march 13-18, 2018
Diagonale offers a tailored program selection, and therefore the rare opportunity to become acquainted with Austrian film in all its diversity, to trace current artistic trends and, to make some (re-)discoveries along the way.
In the program „Innovative Cinema 2“ / on march 14, 2018 at 9pm (Rechbauer Cinema, Graz) and on march 16, 2018 at 1.30pm (Annenhof Cinema, Hall 5, Graz) / with Q&A after the program

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Talk „We do the film distribution ourselves“ at Cinema Next Breakfast Club, Graz, march 17, 2018
The initiative Cinema Next presents the „Cinema Next Breakfastclub #2“ at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film. The program „We do the film distribution ourselves“ consists of 5-minutes-interventions by Iris Blauensteiner, Leni Gruber, Andreas Jaritz, Wolfgang Ritzberger und Bernhard Wenger and discussions afterwards.
Bar 8020, Hotel Mariahilf, Graz / on march 17, 2018, 11am-1pm / Free entrance / with breakfast
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"Sweat" at Austrian Filmweek, Tirana, march 5, 2018
Organized by the Austrian Embassy Tirana (Albania), selected featurefilms and shortfilms by Austrian directors are shown at Cineplexx, the biggest cinema hall in Tirana.
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„Sweat“ available on filmmit, from march 2018
„Sweat“ is available online at the VoD platform Flimmit! In april 2018 even for free.
Rent „Sweat“ online here


„the_other_images“ on ORFIII, febuary 11 and 12, 2018
„the_other_images“ is broadcasted in the program „Pixel, Bytes & Film | Artist in Residence“! The centre of this program is formed by the research for innovations in audiovisual media. New digital technologies give opportunities for artistic practises and challenge traditional forms of presentation like cinema, exhibitions or linear TV.
On febuary 22, 2018, 8.45am and febuary 12, 2018, 4.55am on ORFII / the program is available on ORF-online for one week / watch the interview-part of the program with Iris Blauensteiner und Rojin Sharafi here
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„Rest“ available at VoD Club Austria, from february 2018
Watch „Rest“ online! On all 30 VoD-club-websites of 30 art house cinemas all over Austria. Cinema at home, an initiative to make Austrian Cinema visible.
Rent „Rest“ online here